Fit for Vegas

Fit for Vegas

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This is the qhow-toq guide for getting fit in time for your next Vegas vacation. Whether you're going there in 7 days, 7 weeks, or even 7 months from now, there is a program that will have you fit by the time you land.These are the effective and proven methods used by the a€œsuper-fita€ but now available to you. For example: - cut through the hype and learn about the diets that work - and why - learn exercises that focus on results, with links to instructional videos - learn about advance fitness science, like metabolism boosting supplements - even learn the truth behind the drugs used by celebrities and athletes, like HCG, Growth Hormone and Testosterone injections that are available to average citizens.Over the last few years Vegas's qday sceneq has exploded. It's easy to see why: it's all the debauchery of a night club, but with less clothing. But a major factor to having fun is being fit. These programs get you there.Created by a€œBruce Agatea€, a member of the fitness industry for over 20 years, he's created programs that cut through hype and misinformation to get to what can make you one of the top ten fittest people anywhere you go in Vegas. He tackles complex concepts and breaks them down into funny, yet understandable sequences. For example, learn about the a€œfat kid pizza of cold hard trutha€ and why you can't outrun a pizza. See what fortune 500 companies and the a€œsuper-fita€ have in common in the a€œSix Sigmaa„c method to getting ripped and tonea€. And see how physics and thermodynamics apply directly to six pack abs.These programs are for real people with real lives and real jobs. But also for people that want amazing results. Avoid trial-and-error and wasted time and money. Learn workout programs that are as effective as expensive programs like Insanitya„c, P90xa„c, Zumba a„c, or CrossFita„c. Learn the real reason why diets like qSlow Carba„cq, qThe Paleo Dieta„cq, qIntermittent Fastinga„cq, and qAtkinsa„cq work - and focus on how to maximize their results. And learn the truth about controversial drugs, once only used by fitness pros and celebrities, but now available to the average citizen. This includes injectable substances such as human grown hormone, testosterone, and HCG.You've seen people that look super-fit. Either in real life, or in their Facebook pictures. Looking like them just felt out of reach. Maybe they didn't have as busy of a schedule. Kids. Families. Jobs.Or maybe they just found a formula that worked and stuck with it.It is possible to be the fittest person you know.It is possible to be one of the top ten fit people at any Vegas pool, nightclub, or after party you go to while on vacation.And it is possible to do it while working a real job, living a real life, and without spending all day in the gym.Most of the super-fit people you see spend less than 3 to 4 hours in the gym a week.Almost all of them follow a diet, workout, and supplement program like to the one in this book.If you're ready to be one of the top ten fittest people you see anywhere you go in Vegas then you're ready to give this book a try.Be fit for Vegas. Be fit for life.This is the aquot;how-toaquot; guide for getting fit in time for your next Vegas vacation.

Title:Fit for Vegas
Author:Bruce Agate
Publisher: - 2011-11-25


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