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Joseph Talon, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the high-tech firefighting company Firebombers Incorporated, takes a desperate gamble to stave off bankruptcy by leading the organization down to the Central American republic of San Pietro. However, his hopes of winning a long-term firefighting contract from the fledgling government are jeapordized by a revolt incited by druglords intent on wresting control of the country from the legitimate government. When a group of his firefighters is trapped deep in the jungle, cut off from help and surrounded by guerillas, Joe is forced to make an agonizing choice: Hope that he can ransom his people from the druglords or try to rescue them from the midst of an overwhelmingly powerful enemy force.aquot;Whata#39;s an LED?aquot;, asked ... You run power through the clear body of the diode and it converts a portion of it into light. ... aquot;Yep, between the roof seating and the running boards, they can carry a full squad of firefighters. Since we dona#39;t have any buggies to carry our people like the Hot Shot crews use, we have to improvise.

Author:Michael John Archer
Publisher:Firebomber Publications - 2005-01-01


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