Finnish Folklore

Finnish Folklore

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This book presents an overview of Finnish folklore from the nineteenth century to the present. The Nordic country of Finland has been influenced by both east and west and serves as an excellent showcase of European folklore in general. Guided by Finnish Folklore, readers will learn how folklore has been collected and researched in Finland, what regional distinctions exist in the country's traditions, and how traditions have changed in the process of modernization. An extensive anthology section features ancient alliterative poetry, such as formed the basis of the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The book contains translated examples of rhymed folk songs, folktales, legends, and other narratives, proverbs, riddles, jokes, and contemporary genres like children's folklore, urban legends, and anecdotes. Tradition continues to live on in communications from person to person, sometimes travelling thousands of miles and over many national borders in the process. The same item of folklore may acquire new meanings in new contexts. What is the linking thread of tradition? Humour, sexuality, fear, or laughter? Is it our eternal longing for happiness or just the endless need of human beings to pass the time with each other?... of the poetic meter. Except in the first metrical foot, syllables in the stressed position (/) must either be normally unstressed syllables (i.e., non-initial syllables) or stressed syllables of one of the following phonological patterns VV, CVV, CVVC, anbsp;...

Title:Finnish Folklore
Author:Leea Virtanen, Thomas Andrew DuBois
Publisher: - 2000


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