Finding Paris

Finding Paris

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After yet another failed relationship, Hedley Galt, fresh from tossing her ex-boyfriend's phone in the garden, booked a trip to Paris with the dream of finding true love once and for all, or at the very least a gorgeous Frenchman whom she could have a fling with. Instead Hedley found herself with no luggage, a broken heart and the uncomfortable realisation that all her failed relationships had one thing in common-her. Feeling lost and alone in le cite d'amour, a chance encounter on the Champs-Elysees leads Hedley to ponder the shocking possibility that maybe jumping into bed with another man isn't the answer to her relationship problems, but a (gulp) twelve-step program for sex and love addiction is. Finding Paris is the first part of The Paris Trilogy based on the real-life adventures of Hedley Galt as she attempts to unravel the truth about sex, love and intimate relationships. Be prepared to laugh, cry and occasionally cringe as this sassy Sydney woman shares her incredibly honest and often hilarious warts 'n' all tale of how she goes to Paris in search of love and discovers a lot more than what she bargained for. Warning! This is an unusual love story...... his Beverly Hills mansion and feeling slightly out of place in my beat-up 1985 Toyota Corolla complete with pop-up headlights, ... a#39;Must self-destruct immediatelya#39;, my subconscious muttered while looking around for something to use and discovering a healthy dose of morality. ... with this man for more than half my lifetime and here I was getting all moralistic on him as he attempted to remove my jeans.

Title:Finding Paris
Author:Hedley Galt
Publisher:Pinecone Publishing - 2013-05-21


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