Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy

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a€œThe place to go if youa€™re really interested in this version of the quest for creating Artificial Intelligence (AI).a€a€”Seattle Times For centuries, people have dreamed of creating a machine that thinks like a human. Scientists have made progress: computers can now beat chess grandmasters and help prevent terrorist attacks. Yet we still await a machine that exhibits the rich complexity of human thoughta€”one that doesna€™t just crunch numbers, or take us to a relevant Web page, but understands us and gives us what we need. With the creation of Watson, IBMa€™s Jeopardy! playing computer, we are one step closer to that goal. But how did we get here? In Final Jeopardy, Stephen Baker traces the arc of Watsona€™s a€œlife, a€ from its birth in the IBM labs to its big night on the podium. We meet Hollywood moguls and Jeopardy! masters, genius computer programmers and ambitious scientists, including Watsona€™s eccentric creator, David Ferrucci. We see how a new generation of Watsons could transform medicine, the law, marketing, even science itself, as machines process huge amounts of data at lightning speed, answer our questions, and possibly come up with new hypotheses. As fast and fun as the game itself, Final Jeopardy shows how smart machines will fit into our worlda€”and how theya€™ll disrupt it. a€œLike Tracy Kiddera€™s Soul of a New Machine, Bakera€™s book finds us at the dawn of a singularity. Ita€™s an excellent case study, and does good double duty as a Philip K. Dick scenario, too.a€a€”Kirkus Reviews a€œBakera€™s narrative is both charming and terrifying . . . an entertaining romp through the field of artificial intelligencea€”and a sobering glimpse of things to come.a€a€”Publishers Weekly, starred reviewThey need speed, and the easy answers pour- ing in through System I are often correct. ... In the same game in which Jennings tracked down Abelard and Heloise, this clue popped up in the Tricky Questions category: a€œTotal number of each ... biblical arka€”while ignoring one detail: The ark builder was Noah, not Moses.

Title:Final Jeopardy
Author:Stephen Baker
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2011-02-27


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