Films Famous, Fanciful, Frolicsome & Fantastic

Films Famous, Fanciful, Frolicsome & Fantastic

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Remember qHumpy, q the talking camel? You'll find him in this book, along with a host of other legendary characters from Alice in Wonderland through the Mysterious Mr Wong to Wild Bill Hickok. Movie stars featured include Lon Chaney, Kay Francis, Buster Keaton, Greta Garbo, Constance Bennett, Adolphe Menjou and Will Rogers. Directors include John Ford, Cecil B. DeMille, Ernst Lubitsch and Fred Zinnemann. It all adds up to many hours of pleasure for classic movie fans who can thumb through details of award-winning films, popular pictures, and little-known masterpieces that deserve wider recognition. Yes, there are famous qBq movies too, like qSleepers Westq and its re-make, qThe Narrow Margin.qIn addition, we created one new character a€” the personified Door Knob, who guards the precincts of Wonderland. He was invented in order to avoid a long explanatory monologue at the beginning of the story and to give Alice a foil to talk to. Now we ... Walt Disney. OTHER VIEWS: a€œThe Lewis Carroll version of Alice in Wonderland was always a favorite of mine, but I think we blew it in the Disney version.

Title:Films Famous, Fanciful, Frolicsome & Fantastic
Author:John Reid - 2006-04


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