Feel-bad Education

Feel-bad Education

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This book is a collection of published essays on education by Alfie Kohn since 2005. For his education audience that makes up the majority of his enthusiastic readership, it's a very attractive collection. The essays arguably take on the biggest issues facing school reform today by questioning very fundamental premises about what motivates learning and what the real goals of education are. The title essay, qFeel-Bad Education: The Cult of Rigor and the Loss of Joyq is typical in the way it cuts through the layers of bureaucratic language surrounding education to get to the heart of the enterprise. Kohn is unapologetically partisan, but inviting and accessible. His critiques are sharp, smart, and multi-dimensional. Kohn argues that traditional approaches to praise and punishment, testing and ranking, undermine real learning and genuine creation of strong-minded, independent thinkers. In this book he takes on the destructive effects of those who think they are defending qrigourq, where progressive efforts to reform schools should go, and the motivational psychology of teaching and parenting.This new book will be greeted with enthusiasm by his many readers, and by teachers and parents seeking a refreshing perspective on todaya€™s debates about kids and schools.

Title:Feel-bad Education
Author:Alfie Kohn
Publisher:Beacon Press - 2011


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