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AimAce Joubert is a drop-dead gorgeous femme fatale with a penchant for bloody murder. Ever on the lookout for opportunities for self-enrichment, she finds plenty to like as a newcomer to the detestable backwater town of BlAcville: small-minded parochialism, self-interested parish politics, rampant corruption, dormant grudges, scandals just waiting to be uncovered - yes, there's a killing to be made here. So AimAce starts to wreak her stylish mayhem on BlAcville's despicable bourgeoisie. But just when she's ready to take them all to the cleaners, something snaps, and the master manipulator falls prey to her wayward passions. A legend of the genre, Jean-Patrick Manchette transformed the modern crime thriller into something slick, chic and riotously enjoyable. A tornado of redemptive murder and a gleeful satire of small-town life, Fatale is Manchette's bloodiest, funniest and most brilliantly cathartic thriller yet.Next to him, the cara#39;s left front window, operated by an electric motor, descended silently. Sonia Lorque leaned over and stuck her head halfway through the opening. a€œGive me the revolver, a€ said her husband. a€œGive it to me!a€ he insisted, whenanbsp;...

Author:Jean-Patrick Manchette
Publisher:Serpent's Tail - 2015-03-05


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