Family of Strangers

Family of Strangers

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Sometimes Abby thinks the most important event in her life happened before she was even born Abbya€™s not dying; in fact shea€™s perfectly healthy. If she were dead, maybe her father would grieve for her the way hea€™s still grieving for Johnny, who would have been Abbya€™s older brother if he hadna€™t died when he was only two. Probably not though. The only time her dad even notices her is when hea€™s pushing her into an Ivy League college. And now that Abbya€™s oldest sister, Jocelyn, has left for med school, and Jess, the middle sister, has run away to pursue a major in drug and alcohol addiction, her mom is rarely home. Living among strangers, Abby writes letters and makes up imaginary dialogues with a boy that shea€™s too shy to approach. And she draws up her will over and over, trying to decide who should inherit her teddy bears and who should get all the guilt and recrimination that have accumulated in her family. Left alonea€”as alwaysa€”Abby figures her choices are to be physically dead, emotionally dead, or really alive. But living means shaking things up, taking chances, and saying all those things her family would rather keep covered up. It might not end well, but what does she have to lose?Dada#39;s the most important person in my life anyway, so it wasna#39;t like I needed the hint. ... I think about how Ia#39;ll be the fourth generation of doctors in the Talbott family, and I picture Granddad writing an essay about ... Bible the day before she died.

Title:Family of Strangers
Author:Susan Beth Pfeffer
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-01-06


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