Faith Healer's Daughter

Faith Healer's Daughter

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Liza Stanfield and Albey Quackenbush were normal kids growing up in the 1840s on Lost River in southern Indiana. They lived with their parents on the farm, worked hard and loved life. John Ritter was studying hard to become a medical doctor with the goal of making his world a better place. Enter Dr. William Bowles. Dr. Bowles would do anything to become powerful, including body snatching for his own medical research and stealing the wife of a wealthy Louisianan planter away from her husband. How do the ambitions of Dr. Bowles lead to a homicide that could've ruined Albey and Liza's lives? And what does John Ritter eventually do to take this powerful man down? Lost River Saga tells the story of these four people, their lives, and how their lives intertwined. Faith Healer's Daughter is the first installment in that series, based on a true story from events that occurred in southern Indiana in the 1840s.Google eBook. id=chsVAAAAYAAJ Dunn, Jacob Piatt. True Indian Stories with Glossary of Indiana Indian Names. Indianapolis: Sentinel Printing Company, 1909. Kindle download from Amazon, made possible anbsp;...

Title:Faith Healer's Daughter
Author:Carolyn Howard - 2014-02-26


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