Fairy Tales with a Twist

Fairy Tales with a Twist

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This book contains two delightful stories that convey a message of love and wisdom. The message in each story is similar, in as much as, love is the key. The dragon and the butterfly share a deep love despite their obvious differences. They lack the opportunity to communicate effectively but they respect each others differences and see only the good qualities in each other and in the end love triumphs. The second story is one of endurance as the princess refuses to give up on her prince because despite his belief that he is not worthy of love, the princess knows in her heart that everyone is worthy of love, herself included. So she devotes her life to giving her prince the greatest gift that anyone can give to another person and that is an opportunity to awaken his own love. By trusting the princess and opening his heart to accept the gift that she is offering, he can awaken to a whole new world.The dragon gave a big sigh that fairly shook the walls of his den, and then his eyes slowly drifted closed once again as he found his way back into that wonderful world of dreams where he reigned supreme, a true king of the beasts, so toanbsp;...

Title:Fairy Tales with a Twist
Author:Elwin Button
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2014-05


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