Facilitating Learning Transfer Through Students' Schemata

Facilitating Learning Transfer Through Students' Schemata

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Students' enculturation into a media-rich environment has influenced both their social practices as well as their cognitive processes, resulting in what this study refers to as new social and cognitive-connectedness schemata (SCCS). This study examined how and to what extent online instructional strategies that facilitated students' SCCS affected learning transfer in three middle school classes. The results of the study indicated that SCCS instructional strategies narrowed the gap between lower and higher performing students, and significantly increased students' learning transfer abilities. It also showed that correlations exist between the use of expertise structures and the facilitation of students' social and cognitive-connectedness schemata. These results suggest the articulation of a new theory of learning based on students' social and cognitive-connectedness schemata, and a new instructional design model that incorporates these schemata changes.Using their answers to Part Two, discuss what the tension between a€œfate vs. choicea€ means. Have students think of ... from Chapter 1 as possible. 7. When students finish reading Chapter 1, have them take the Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz atanbsp;...

Title:Facilitating Learning Transfer Through Students' Schemata
Author:Marie E. Sontag
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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