Face-to-Face Communication over the Internet

Face-to-Face Communication over the Internet

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Social platforms such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have rekindled the initial excitement of cyberspace. Text-based, computer-mediated communication has been enriched with face-to-face communication such as Skype, as users move from desktops to laptops with integrated cameras and related hardware. Age, gender and culture barriers seem to have crumbled and disappeared as the user base widens dramatically. Other than simple statistics relating to e-mail usage, chatrooms and blog subscriptions, we know surprisingly little about the rapid changes taking place. This book assembles leading researchers on nonverbal communication, emotion, cognition and computer science to summarize what we know about the processes relevant to face-to-face communication as it pertains to telecommunication, including video-conferencing. The authors take stock of what has been learned regarding how people communicate, in person or over distance, and set the foundations for solid research helping to understand the issues, implications and possibilities that lie ahead.Non-verbal communication - specifically how we feel, what our attitudes are towards what we want to communicate, and what we want to achieve - are central to this book which discusses how face-to-face interaction via the Internet affects ...

Title:Face-to-Face Communication over the Internet
Author:Arvid Kappas, Nicole C. Krämer
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-06-16


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