Fabricating the Body

Fabricating the Body

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Fabricating the Body: Effects of Obligation and Exchange in Contemporary Discourse is comprised of nine chapters that revolve around the body, and more specifically, issues related to identity. The text draws on a variety of criticisma€”including disability, gender, and psychoanalytic studiesa€”to theorize aspects relevant to the human body historically. For example, Rachel Herzl-Betza€™s a€œA Paratactic a€˜Missing Linka€™: Dorian Gray and the Performance of Embodied Modernitya€ uses disability studies as a lens through which to examine Oscar Wildea€™s literary debt to the atavistic discourse of late-Victorian freak shows. Moving forward in time, Melissa Amesa€™s chapter, a€œBodies of Debt: Interrogating the Costs of Technological Progress, Scientific Advancement, and Social Conquests through Dystopian Literaturea€ is a pedagogy-focused chapter. In the chapter, Ames discusses a college course in which she asked students to consider contemporary debates, such as cloning, stem cell research, human trafficking, and so forth, in tandem with fictional texts that relate these issues. Ultimately, the class wrestled with the question of: what do we do when human survival and societal progress come at extreme costs? As a whole, the text works to stimulate conversations surrounding the body, and specifically, bodies that can be labeled a€œindebted.a€ Fabricating the Body brings together issues of gender, class, and identity, and investigates ethical concerns along with topics related to marginalization and the mind/body split. Ultimately, the text situates the body as a productive space for academic research.CHOOSE ONE OPTION FROM BELOW: Book Review: a 1-2 page (double- spaced) evaluation essay written in the form of a book ... Compare/Contrast: a 2-3 page (double-spaced, MLA formatted) compare aamp; contrast essay discussing the print ... 3 sources a€“ source types will vary) Literary Analysis: a 2-3 page essay integrating scholarly research (journal articles), ... issue in narrative): a public service announcement (print advertisement, faux billboard, commercial, video) advocating foranbsp;...

Title:Fabricating the Body
Author:Sarah Himsel Burcon
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-03-17


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