Exploring linear relations

Exploring linear relations

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There's a world of data out there, and this series of modules helps you integrate it into your high-school mathematics courses. Using the major data analysis concepts to provide realistic situations for the development of mathematical knowledge and opportunities for practice, the material reinforces concepts taught in current texts. Extensive use of real data provides opportunities for students to engage in meaningful mathematics, and motivates them to apply what they learn. Future modules include: -- Mathematics in a World of Data-- Introduction to Probability-- Exploring Systems of Inequalities-- Projects: Planning and Conducting Surveys and Experiments-- Probability Models-- Exploring Least Squares Regression-- Mathematical Modeling Using Data and Logarithms-- Exploring Centers-- Advanced Modeling Using Matrices-- Exploring Symbols$9405 $30, 874 = 0.3046 . . . ; it would have taken about 30% of a mana#39;s 1991 income to buy a Honda Civic. It would have taken a ... for 1981 and 1991 compare? Solve problems by applying the concepts of percentages, slope, and linearity.

Title:Exploring linear relations
Author:Gail Burrill, Patrick Hopfensperger
Publisher:Dale Seymour Pubn - 1997-02


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