Exploring Ecology

Exploring Ecology

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Get out of the classroom and into the field, where students can get up close and personal with the environment. Exploring Ecology gets you ready and then tells you what to do when you get there. It's a collection of hands-on, inquiry-based activities developed and written by two teachers who test-drove them with their own students. The book can be used for an eight-week unit on ecology or for shorter one- or two-week units. Designed specifically for easy use, Exploring Ecology combines content with activities, all in one place, and organized into four clear sections. After starting with qManagement, Mechanics, and Miscellany, q which includes guidance on safety, preparation, materials, and discipline, the authors get to the activities: qThe Basic Introduction to Ecologyq covers basic ecological concepts, including populations, communities, food webs, and energy flow with 35 in-class and outside activities that prepare students for their trip. qThe Field Trip: Applying Ecology Conceptsq offers practical suggestions on site selection and organizing the students and their materials, plus four before- and after-the-trip activities. qIntegration and Extensionq provides 10 more activities to integrate other disciplines; language arts, social studies, and art, and extend the students' understanding of Earth as an ecosystem. Although the book is targeted to teachers of science in grades 4 - 8, many activities have been adapted for students ranging from first grade to high school. The material is also suitable for nature centres and summer camps.(While students are thinking about this, distribute student worksheet 32 which includes a diagram of the water cycle. The worksheet contains a ... Students should label the arrow leading from the water to the cloud with the word evaporation.

Title:Exploring Ecology
Author:Patricia Warren, Janet Galle
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2005-01-01


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