Expert Systems, Six-Volume Set

Expert Systems, Six-Volume Set

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This six-volume set presents cutting-edge advances and applications of expert systems. Because expert systems combine the expertise of engineers, computer scientists, and computer programmers, each group will benefit from buying this important reference work. An qexpert systemq is a knowledge-based computer system that emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert. The primary role of the expert system is to perform appropriate functions under the close supervision of the human, whose work is supported by that expert system. In the reverse, this same expert system can monitor and double check the human in the performance of a task. Human-computer interaction in our highly complex world requires the development of a wide array of expert systems. Key Features * Expert systems techniques and applications are presented for a diverse array of topics including: * Experimental design and decision support * The integration of machine learning with knowledge acquisition for the design of expert systems * Process planning in design and manufacturing systems and process control applications * Knowledge discovery in large-scale knowledge bases * Robotic systems * Geograhphic information systems * Image analysis, recognition and interpretation * Cellular automata methods for pattern recognition * Real-time fault tolerant control systems * CAD-based vision systems in pattern matching processes * Financial systems * Agricultural applications * Medical diagnosisNow, given the network and the prior probabilities of the battery being old, Pr( battery old), and the alternator being ok, Pr(alternator ok), it is possible to compute ... Much attention has been given to the problem of efficiently propagating probabilities through probabilistic networks. ... {Nissan, Toyota} { Toyota} {Nissan, Toyota}.

Title:Expert Systems, Six-Volume Set
Author:Cornelius T. Leondes
Publisher:Academic Press - 2001-09-26


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