Expert Network Time Protocol

Expert Network Time Protocol

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Have you ever tried to figure out why your computer clock is off, or why your emails somehow have the wrong timestamp? Most likely, ita€™s due to an incorrect network time synchronization, which can be reset using the Network Time Protocol. Until now, most network administrators have been too paranoid to work with this, afraid that they would make the problem even worse. However, Expert Network Time Protocol: An Experience in Time with NTP takes the mystery out of time, and shows the network administrator how to regain the upper hand. This book is a fascinating look into NTP, and the stories behind the science. Written by Peter Rybaczyk, one of the foremost experts on NTP, this book will show the network administrator how to become more comfortable working with time. Table of Contents Multiple Views of Time Network Administration and IT Trends Throughout History! NTP Operational, Historical, and Futuristic Overview NTP Architecture NTP Design, Configuration, and TroubleshootingDevice role configura tion screen for Symmetricoma#39;s SyncServer SI 00 dedicated timeserver Basic Unix/Linux NTP Client Configuration In the Unix/ ... IBMa#39;s AIX, SCOa#39;s OpenServer Release, HPa#39;s HP-UX, Red Hata#39;s Linux, and other Unix-flavor operating systems. The reader is always encouraged to consult each producta#39;s manual for the most up-to-date and specific syntax of xnt pd /ntpd-related commandsanbsp;...

Title:Expert Network Time Protocol
Author:Peter Rybaczyk
Publisher:Apress - 2005-06-27


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