Expect No help: the life and times of Jumpin` Jack Flash

Expect No help: the life and times of Jumpin` Jack Flash

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Expect No Help' is a non-fiction novel that depicts America from the 1960's up to now through the eyes of someone who was there...and still is...sometimes. It shows most anyone who reads this how to grow up (author's point of view), even coming up in the 60's and 70's. Much change happened from then till now...with the word change now reduced to a 4-letter word...along with the word power. This novel is all about the future of this country at the grass-roots level. That means 'old school America' ain't goin` anywhere soon...if at all! However, this novel looks at 'new school America' with only slight skeptisism, only for the fact...change makes the world go `round. Without change, the world turns stagnant. However, once again, qWhat do you want to change into?q This novel does a pretty good job in trying to decipher that question, leaving no stone unturned...with an open-minded and also a one-sided opinion. That is not easy to do. There is absolutely no 'political correctless' what-so-ever in this novel and could be considered toxic to people with narrow-minded beliefs. This novel don't care...but with tact. It is written somewhat off of the streets in a language that anyone...from a stoner to a P.H.D can understand. The very first part of the book vaguely states what the novel is all about and if that's gunna be a rough ride for you...wear a helmut while reading it or find something else to do.A little problem with breakfast though. ... Things are now looking good for a change, and in May of 2002, he rear-ended a car in front of him because he hit the clutch instead of the brake which makes the ... All his vehicles were blown up or gone and now he was down to his little Ford Ranger he got from his ex-wife and his neighbora#39;s little truck. ... All because he couldna#39;t figure out the brake from the clutch.

Title:Expect No help: the life and times of Jumpin` Jack Flash
Author:Cesspool Jones
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-05-21


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