Evolution, rationality and cognition

Evolution, rationality and cognition

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Evolutionary thinking has expanded in the last decades, spreading from its traditional stronghold - the explanation of speciation and adaptation in biology - to new domains. Fascinating pieces of work, the essays in this collection attest to the illuminating power of evolutionary thinking when applied to the understanding of the human mind. The contributors to Cognition, Evolution and Rationality use an evolutionary standpoint to approach the nature of the human mind, including both cognitive and behavioural functions. Cognitive science is by its nature an interdisciplinary subject and the essays in this collection investigate the workings of the mind through a variety of disciplines including the philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind, game theory, robotics and computational neuroanatomy. Topics covered range from general methodological issues to long-standing philosophical problems such as how rational human beings actually are. With contributions from leading experts in the areas involved, this book will be of interest across a number of fields, including philosophy, evolutionary theory and cognitive science.This is an essay that combines general topics in epistemology and philosophy of science with more specific topics in the philosophy of biology. ... is: What are the criteria in terms of which it is possible to distinguish between what are adaptive hypotheses with real scientific value and what is mere adaptive storytelling? ... rhetorical question when arguing for selectionist explanations of adaptive complexity.

Title:Evolution, rationality and cognition
Author:António Zilhão
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2010-04-01


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