Evil Clown: Horror at Halloween, Psychological horror book

Evil Clown: Horror at Halloween, Psychological horror book

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Horror At Halloween A young man is teased at a party and leaves upset with all the young women at that Halloween Party. Every step hurts his heart shunned by his classmates and friends. This young man has nowhere to turn accept for revenge and he won't stop until his revenge is complete. I Wake Up Mad As Hell Sunlight runs through the window and slaps me in the face I wake up mad as hell. Another bullshit day I wish I was dead, when I look out the window and see those tramps I get a knot in my belly and my head spins. From now on they will get what is coming to them. Death is almost to good for them. Untold Horror Quick and fast pace short story of untold horror. The author hopes your teenager will not have the same fate. We would not want you or your child having nightmares after reading this horror book. So if you're a little scream is we would advise you to read it but don't let the minor child get his or her hands on this extremely horror psychology book.Someone has knocked out all the poor lada#39;s teeth. He also lost his left hand and he will never father any children. Chief we may be able to save him but what kind of life will he have?aquot; Joe the EMS person tries to make lite of Sloana#39;s condition.

Title:Evil Clown: Horror at Halloween, Psychological horror book
Author:Richard Porter
Publisher:Richard Porter - 2014-10-09


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