Evil and Moral Psychology

Evil and Moral Psychology

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This book examines what makes someone an evil person and how evil people are different from merely bad people. Rather than focusing on the qproblem of evilq that occupies philosophers of religion, Barry looks instead to moral psychologya€”the intersection of ethics and psychology. He provides both a philosophical account of what evil people are like and considers the implications of that account for social, legal, and criminal institutions. He also engages in traditional philosophical reasoning strongly informed by psychological research, especially abnormal and social psychology. In response to the popularity of phrases like qthe axis of evilq and the ease with which politicians and others describe their opponents as qevil, q Barry sets out to make clear just what it is to be an evil person.Hare, Robert D. Manual for the Hare Psychopathy Checklista€”revised, 2nd ed. To a€” ronto: Multia€”Health Systems, 2003. ... ~harman/Papers/Situ.pdf. . The Nature of Morality: An ... a€œMoral Monsters and Saints.a€ The Monist 85 (2002): 260-84.

Title:Evil and Moral Psychology
Author:Peter Brian Barry
Publisher:Routledge - 2013


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