Evidence-Based Medical Ethics:

Evidence-Based Medical Ethics:

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In the modern practice of medicine, new challenges complicate the ethical care of patients. Todaya€™s times require a contemporary take on the concept of medical ethics. The idea for this textbook was born out of a need for a teaching resource that merges medical ethics theory with the practical needs of modern clinical medicine. In Evidence-Based Medical Ethics: Cases for Practice-Based Learning, the authors address what has been missing in existing text books and ethics courses to date a€“ clear-cut ethical and legal guidelines that provide a method for the reader to learn how to systematically manage dilemmas seen in the everyday practice of medicine. The reader is guided through several qtypicalq patient scenarios and prompted by various questions that should be entertained by the treating health care provider. Then, relevant evidence-based medicine, legal precedent, and the ethical theory that applies to the situation are revealed. Often, finding the qbestq ethical solution for each problem is automatic, as the solution often becomes self-evident during information-gathering. This general method is reinforced throughout the text with multiple different cases, using a practice-based approach by building on the readera€™s developing skills. Additionally, we have sought to emphasize a culturally competent manner in resolving these dilemmas, respectfully addressing issues of age, gender, and culture whenever possible. The main goal of Evidence-Based Medical Ethics: Cases for Practice-Bases Learning is to assist the reader in adapting a patient-centered and evidence-based approach to dilemmas faced in their future practice of medicine.Cases for Practice-Based Learning John E. Snyder, Candace C. Gauthier. U.S. Public Health Service study, spanning 40 years from 1932 to 1972, 399 African- American males from rural Alabama were given non-curative antibiotic courses for syphilis. ... In 1979 Beauchamp and Childress penned the significant work Principles of Biomedical Ethics, now currently in its ... the American College of Physicians (ACP) has independently developed its own Ethics Manual that not only reviewsanbsp;...

Title:Evidence-Based Medical Ethics:
Author:John E. Snyder, Candace C. Gauthier
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-10-09


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