Every Day After

Every Day After

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It's been two months since Lizzie's daddy disappeared due to the awful Depression. Lizzie's praying he'll return to Bittersweet, Alabama, for her birthday. It won't feel special without him, what with Lizzie's Mama being so sad she won't even talk and the bank nipping at their heels for a mortgage payment. Daddy expected her to be the best at any cost. But Lizzie claims qthat cost me my top grades and my best friend. It's dumped 'em both square into Erin's hands. She's gone batty if she thinks she's gonna get me carted off to the orphanage.q While Lizzie waits, she gets comfort writing in her journal. As time passes, she can only picture her daddy's face by opening her locket. If others can get by, why did her daddy leave? If he doesn't return, how can she overcome the same obstacles that drove him away?Ita#39;s been two months since Lizziea#39;s daddy disappeared due to the awful Depression.

Title:Every Day After
Author:Laura Golden
Publisher:Delacorte Books for Young Readers - 2013-06-11


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