European Respiratory Monograph 50: Sleep Apnoea

European Respiratory Monograph 50: Sleep Apnoea

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Sleep-related breathing disorders, particularly obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS), are highly prevalent and represent an increasing part of clinical respiratory practice. OSAS is now recognised to be one of the most common chronic respiratory disorders with only asthma and possibly COPD having a higher prevalence. Thus, sleep apnoea represents an important topic for the European Respiratory Monograph. The present volume provides a comprehensive overview with chapters ranging from basic mechanisms to clinical practice and provides an update of a previous Monograph on Respiratory Disorder.In 2007, the AASM published a new manual that included updated definitions, scoring criteria and technical specifications [18]. The use of attended PSG in the evaluation and management of sleep-related breathing disorders generallyanbsp;...

Title:European Respiratory Monograph 50: Sleep Apnoea
Author:W.T. McNicholas, M.R. Bonsignore
Publisher:European Respiratory Society - 2010


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