Essentials of Logistics and Management

Essentials of Logistics and Management

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The Essentials of Logistics and Management provides a broad expertly guided investigation into the knowledge required to maximize the practice of logistics in a way that contributes to a company's growth. The text elaborates upon a conceptual framework in which the role of all stakeholders and possible logistics are analyzed in a systematic approach that explores customer relations management, interactive information support, production optimization, and operations management, as well as human resources and resource allocation. The purpose of this book is help managers employ vision and strategy in developing a methodology that identifies, evaluates, and utilizes all critical factors.BRATLEY P., FOX B.L. and SCHRAGE L.E., A Guide to Simulation, Springer- Verlag, 1987. ... NY, 1975. KRAJEWSKI L.J. and RITZMAN L.R, Operations Management: Strategy and Analysis, Modeling and simulation in logistics 321 Bibliography.

Title:Essentials of Logistics and Management
Author:Francis-Luc Perret, Corynne Jaffeux
Publisher:EPFL Press - 2007-09-07


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