Essays in Speech Act Theory

Essays in Speech Act Theory

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Any study of communication must take into account the nature and role of speech acts in a broad context. This book addresses questions such as: - What do we mean? - How do we say it? and - How is it understood? in the broad context of universal, socio-cultural and psychological issues that bear on human communication. It presents an overview of current issues in speech act theory that are at the center of human and social sciences dealing with language, thought and action, building on John Searle's famous article 'How Performatives Work' (included in this book). The contributions by linguists, psychologists, computer scientists, and philosophers thus address issues of communication that are crucial in conversation analysis, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, psychology and philosophy, and a general understanding of how we communicate. The book is suitable for courses with an extensive bibliography for further reading and an Index.... if SPm is the type of situation in which some person pa promises some other person ph to do A, and5tm( is the type of situation in which ph is entitled to rely on pa to do A, we will have (31) 5p/, , =Ar5. KKIM The tools introduced in Devlin(1991) anbsp;...

Title:Essays in Speech Act Theory
Author:Daniel Vanderveken, Susumu Kubo
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2002


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