Essays in Ethical Theory

Essays in Ethical Theory

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In this volume, R. M. Hare has collected a number of essays which fill in the theoretical background of his thought and which together give an overall picture of his views on a variety of questions. Each essay is self-contained, and topics covered include the objectivity and rationality of moral thinking, the issue between the ethical realists and their opponents, the place in our moral thought of appeals to common convictions, and how to tell whether a feature of a situation is morallyrelevant. His central theme is the paradox that, if moral judgements were just statements of fact, relativism would be inescapable. We can treat moral thinking as a rational activity only because moral judgements are more than this.... cannot figure in a moral principle. For example, it is thought that I cannot have duties to my mother as such, because it is logically impossible for a man to have more than one mother, and because of the occurrence of the individual reference anbsp;...

Title:Essays in Ethical Theory
Author:R. M. Hare
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 1993


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