Essays En Route

Essays En Route

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A wild ride on the madcap streets of Guatemala City. A twilight walk through old Havana with a Cuban mailman. A canoe trip along the Florida coast in search of a missing grave. An impromptu communion with one of the twentieth century's forgotten heroes. These are some of the adventures Stephen Benz describes in this witty, insightful, and evocative collection of travel essays. Benz, the author of Guatemalan Journey and Green Dreams, takes readers to remote and exotic locales, introducing unusual characters and recounting little known historical anecdotes. Along the way, he reflects on the meaning of the atom bomb, describes the hardships of daily life in the former Soviet Union, and tracks down the ghosts of the infamous Donner Party. Originally published in newspapers and magazines such as the Miami Herald and the Washington Post, these essays eloquently inform and entertain both the armchair traveler and the general interest reader.Now and then we passed a dark, deserted mall, and I saw parking lot lampposts decorated with the same candy ... On those erstwhile Christmas drives, the sight had seemed beautiful; now, at four in the morning, twenty below zero on I-65 in Kentucky, it all seemed sinister and ominous. ... He let a few minutes go by, watching as the evening went dark. Finally ... But the anger passed when I saw his weathered face in the Christmas light glow, the wrinkles so like the lines of a road map.

Title:Essays En Route
Author:Stephen Benz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-12-01


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