Essay on the life and poetry of Homer

Essay on the life and poetry of Homer

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This bilingual edition, with introduction and brief commentary, makes accessible for the first time in English a text of great importance for the history and interpretation of Homer. Although attributed to Plutarch, the Essay is probably the work of a grammaticus of the second and thirdcentury and is the single most valuable source of evidence for the nature of the teaching of Homer in the schools of the Roman Empire. Well represented in the manuscript tradition, the Essay was used as prefatory material by Renaissance editors of Homer, beginning with the editio princeps (1488), and so exercised a powerful influence on Renaissance and early-modern readers, who often refer to qPlutarchq as an authority on Homer. The newly edited Greek text is presented with facing translation.oGev Kai xcov ecpe^fiq dpiGncov xov ^ev dpxiov ev8ea Kai dxeXf|, xov 8e nepiooov 7tAr|pr| xe Kai xeXeiov d7tecpT|vev, oxi ^lyvunevoq xe 7tpdq xov dpxiov dei xf|v eauxou 8vagt;vaniv 8iaoqagt;^ei, xoii 7tepioooiagt; Kai ev xouxoiq e7tiKpaxouvxoq-anbsp;...

Title:Essay on the life and poetry of Homer
Author:Plutarch, John J. Keaney, Robert Lamberton
Publisher:Scholars Pr - 1996


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