Escaping the Bonds of Earth

Escaping the Bonds of Earth

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To commemorate the momentous 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarina€™s pioneering journey into space on 12th April 2011, a series of five books a€“ to be published annually a€“ will explore this half century, decade by decade, to discover how humanitya€™s knowledge of flying, working and living in space has changed. Each volume will focus not only upon the individual missions within a€˜itsa€™ decade, but also upon the key challenges facing human space exploration at specific points within those 50 years: from the simple problems of breathing and eating in space to the challenges of venturing outside in a pressurised spacesuit and locomotion on the Moon. The first volume of this series will focus upon the 1960s, exploring each mission from April 1961 to April 1971 in depth: from the pioneering Vostok flights to the establishment of the first Salyut space station and from Alan Sheparda€™s modest sub-orbital a€˜hopa€™ into space to his triumphant arrival at the Moona€™s Fra Mauro foothills almost a decade later.They responded crisply to my touch and shut off without any residual motion. ... The manual system, however, seemed somewhat ``sloppya#39;a#39;, with a tendency to ` overshoota#39;, and Schirra switched next to the third control mode: the autopilot, whichanbsp;...

Title:Escaping the Bonds of Earth
Author:Ben Evans
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-04-02


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