Errors in Radiology

Errors in Radiology

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Diagnostic errors are important in all branches of medicine because they are an indication of poor patient care. As the number of malpractice cases continues to grow, radiologists will become increasingly involved in litigation. The aetiology of radiological error is multi-factorial. This book focuses on (1) some medico-legal aspects inherent to radiology (radiation exposure related to imaging procedures and malpractice issues related to contrast media administration are discussed in detail) and on (2) the spectrum of diagnostic errors in radiology. Communication issues between the radiologists and physicians and between the radiologists and patients are also presented. Every radiologist should understand the sources of error in diagnostic radiology as well as the elements of negligence that form the basis of malpractice litigation.The epiphyseal-metaphyseal fracture affects the growth plate, which is the softer part of a childa#39;s bones. This injury, also termed a Salter-Harris fracture, is one of the most common injuries sustained by the immature musculoskeletal ... There are five different main types of physeal injuries, depending on the pattern and the possible association with ... Fractures. in. Children. 6.2.1 Which Fractures and How Many? Fractures in infants and children are different than those seen in adults.

Title:Errors in Radiology
Author:Luigia Romano, Antonio Pinto
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-07-20


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