Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography

Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography

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I hope this book, which covers the Equipment section of With the help of the Superintendent find out which quality the DCR and HDCR syllabuses, will be of help not only assurance tests are carried out on the equipment and ask to those students preparing for these examinations, but for permission to participate in the procedures. also for those taking the modular HDCR to be introduced Remember, radiography is a practical subject - learning sometime in the near future, and indeed to those returning from books is of little value unless you apply it to the to radiography after a break in service. work you are doing - unless of course you are preparing In addition to reading a wide range of technical litera for a change of job or promotion! ture, I would hope that students will relate this knowledge Finally, whether you are using this book to refresh your to the equipment they use in the Department. For example knowledge prior to returning to radiography after a break what type of equipment are they using? Who was the in service, or as part of your preparation for the DCR or manufacturer? What sort of generator is it? What inter HDCR, or indeed if you are using it in conjunction with locks are present? What is the maximum loading of the a distanced learning course, may I wish you good luck and tube? Is it a falling load generator? success in your endeavours.Resistance Sator - control Switch | Space charge compensator Frequency Compensator I Voltage Stabilizer Autotransformer Mains voltage comp. meter Mains voltage compensator Figure 2.28 Block diagram of X-ray tube filament heatinganbsp;...

Title:Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography
Author:E. Forster
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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