Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

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The health effects of tobacco smoke on smokers are well defined. However, the effects on non-smokers are not so clear. Which of the many diseases, cancers, and pathologies that are certainly associated with smoking are also induced by tobacco smoke in non-smokers? What are the effects on non-smokers of smoking bans in the workplace and changes in advertising? How can we effectively curtail the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)? Environmental Tobacco Smoke brings together in one source the key observations on the nature and effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. The book focuses on the pathological effects of ETS on pregnant women, newborns, youths, adults, and the elderly. In addition, it investigates ETS' contribution to the development of asthma, tobacco allergy, heart disease, and cancer. The book also examines the role of ETS in bringing about other maladies such as DNA damage, gene activation, and immunosuppression. The materials also explore the problems associated with establishing incontrovertible links between ETS and health problems in non-smokers. Environmental Tobacco Smoke also probes the role of the political and legal systems in modifying behaviors, exposure risks, and health consequences of ETS. The book also summarizes the role of antioxidant supplements in lowering ETS damage and the usefulness of animal models in refining the precision of studies. Clearly, environmental tobacco smoke poses significant health risks. It is also abundantly clear that these risks can be eliminated. It is even more obvious that, in order to establish effective prevention mechanisms, we need to define the extent of health damage attributable to ETS. Environmental Tobacco Smoke provides a plethora of information that educates us on the effects of environmental tobacco smoke on the non-smoking public and thereby equips us to eradicate the problems created by ETS.ACGIH, Industrial Ventilation Manual, 23rd Ed., ACGIH, Cincinnati, OH, 1997. 5. Hemeon, W.C.L., Plant and Process Ventilation, 3rd Ed., Lewis Publishers, New York, 1999. 6. ASHRAE, Fundamentals Handbook, ASHRAE, Atlanta, GA, 1997.

Title:Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Author:Mark L. Witten
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-09-27


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