Environment : Global Warming(encyclopaedia Of Environment), Vol# 3

Environment : Global Warming(encyclopaedia Of Environment), Vol# 3

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Environmentalists Across The World Have Opined That The Unprecedented Ferocity Of Nature Be It The Catastrophic Floods And Rains In Orissa And Mozambique Or The Devastating Drought And Famine In Africa And Mongolia Is Connected To Global Warming, Which Is Primarily A Human- Induced Phenomenon Caused By The Increasing Use Of Fuels To Run Our Economies. Glaciers Thinning In Antarctica And Receding Of Himalayan Glaciers Are Being Considered As Alarm Bells For The Entire World. Recently, Scientists Have Predicted That If Global Warming Goes On, Nothing Can Prevent Large Chunks Of Earth'S Surface Coastal Bangladesh, Maldives, Alpine Meadows In The Rocky Mountains And Some Barrier Lands From Being Swept Away In The Forseeable Future. It Has Been Aptly Observed By David King, Uk Government S Chief Scientific Adviser, Climate Change Poses A Bigger Threat To The Planet Than Terrorism. The World Not Only Needs To Take A Tough Stand Against Any Further Investments That Support And Prolong Our Dependence On Fossil Fuels, But Also To Make Deep Cuts In The Carbon Emissions If Humanity Is To Survive. Realising The Urgent Need For Arresting The Trend; For Developing Awareness In The Readers About The Preservation Of Biodiversity And Its Significance For Life, Sustainability And Equity; And For Warning Against The Consequences Of Environmental Exploitation As Well, The Present Volume Has Been Compiled. An Attempt Has Been Made Here To Study Not Only The General Causes And Effects Of Global Warming But Also To Highlight Its Effect On Particular Regions. Kyoto Protocol An International Law, Aiming To Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emissions Has Been Analytically Studied And Remedial Measures Have Also Been Suggested In This Volume.The Book Would Be Highly Useful For Students And Researchers Of Environment. It Would Be Useful To Government Executives And Ngos Concerned With Environment And Pollution Problems. Since The Laymen Are Deeply Interested In Clean Environment, The Book Would Be Of Great Interest To Them.No doubt if the car gets more miles per gallon of gasoline one will get less CO2 per unit of service rendered, i.e. less CO2 per mile travelled. Another ... Apart from Ford, Toyota and Honda plan to release hybrid Lexus and Highlander SUVs in 2005; Honda, Nissan and Toyota also have announced plans to produce hybrid versions of their mid-size sedans, the Accord, Altima and Camry. (ii) Drive smart Ifanbsp;...

Title:Environment : Global Warming(encyclopaedia Of Environment), Vol# 3
Author:Ed. K.R. Gupta
Publisher:Atlantic Publishers & Dist - 2005-01-01


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