Entropy Coders of the H.264/AVC Standard

Entropy Coders of the H.264/AVC Standard

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This book presents a collection of algorithms and VLSI architectures of entropy (or statistical) codecs of recent video compression standards, with focus on the H.264/AVC standard. For any visual data compression scheme, there exists a combination of two, or all of the following three stages: spatial, temporal, and statistical compression. General readers are first introduced with the various algorithms of the statistical coders. The VLSI implementations are also reviewed and discussed. Readers with limited hardware design background are also introduced with a design methodology starting from performance-complexity analyses to software/hardware co-simulation. A typical design of the Contextbased Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC) encoder is also presented in details. To support System-on-Chip design environment, the CABAC design is wrapped with a SoC-based Wishbone system bus interface.Reference MBs on top and left of current MB, and storage of 3 categories of coded SEs (MB, 8A—8 sub-MB, and 4A—4 block) in the referenced BPMB of the ... Top-level architecture of 4-channel crossbar INTERCON ofWISHBONEsystembus .

Title:Entropy Coders of the H.264/AVC Standard
Author:Xiaohua Tian, Thinh M. Le, Yong Lian
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-10-17


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