Entity Resolution and Information Quality

Entity Resolution and Information Quality

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Entity Resolution and Information Quality presents topics and definitions, and clarifies confusing terminologies regarding entity resolution and information quality. It takes a very wide view of IQ, including its six-domain framework and the skills formed by the International Association for Information and Data Quality {IAIDQ). The book includes chapters that cover the principles of entity resolution and the principles of Information Quality, in addition to their concepts and terminology. It also discusses the Fellegi-Sunter theory of record linkage, the Stanford Entity Resolution Framework, and the Algebraic Model for Entity Resolution, which are the major theoretical models that support Entity Resolution. In relation to this, the book briefly discusses entity-based data integration (EBDI) and its model, which serve as an extension of the Algebraic Model for Entity Resolution. There is also an explanation of how the three commercial ER systems operate and a description of the non-commercial open-source system known as OYSTER. The book concludes by discussing trends in entity resolution research and practice. Students taking IT courses and IT professionals will find this book invaluable. First authoritative reference explaining entity resolution and how to use it effectively Provides practical system design advice to help you get a competitive advantage Includes a companion site with synthetic customer data for applicatory exercises, and access to a Java-based Entity Resolution program.OYSTER is an open-source software development project sponsored by the ERIQ Research Center at the University ... Because OYSTER has an identity management system, it also supports persistent identity identifiers. OYSTER is written in Java and the source code and documentation are available as a free download from the ERIQ ... entity resolution for student records in longitudinal studies, the system design readily accommodates a broad range of ER domains and entity types.

Title:Entity Resolution and Information Quality
Author:John R. Talburt
Publisher:Elsevier - 2011-01-14


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