Enterprise Java Development on a Budget

Enterprise Java Development on a Budget

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Open source has had a profound effect on the Java community. Many Java open source projects have even become de-facto standards. The principal purpose of Enterprise Java Development on a Budget is to guide you through the development of a real enterprise Java application using nothing but open source Java tools, projects, and frameworks. This book is organized by activities and by particular open source projects that can help you take on the challenges of building the different tiers of your applications. The authors also present a realistic example application that covers most areas of enterprise application development. You'll find information on how to use and configure JBoss, Ant, XDoclet, Struts, ArgoUML, OJB, Hibernate, JUnit, SWT/JFace, and others. Not only will you learn how to use each individual tool, but you'll also understand how to use them in synergy to create robust enterprise Java applications within your budget. Enterprise Java Development on a Budget combines coverage of best practices with information on the right open source Java tools and technologies, all of which will help support your Java development budget and goals.The color in UML technique hinges on the notion of an archetype, which is a concept similar to the concept of a stereotype ... to quickly capture both structure and behavior and helps you to see dynamism in an otherwise static class diagram. ... 0 Party, place, or thing (green): The party, place, or thing archetype, PPT for short, represents the things that can play a role in the different activities of the system.

Title:Enterprise Java Development on a Budget
Author:Brian Sam-Bodden, Christopher M Judd
Publisher:Apress - 2004-03-28


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