English as a Foreign or Second Language

English as a Foreign or Second Language

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This book offers a brief review of the theoretical perspectives and empirical findings that have shaped our understanding of salient facets of English language teaching, learning, and testing. It also communicates my personal views in regard to certain issues in these three domains. The book is divided into five chapters that range in their foci from theory to practice. Chapter one presents the most influential theoretical perspectives that have sought to account for the processes involved in second language acquisition and the roles of the so many variables that affect how a learner acquires a second language. The second chapter discusses several methods and practices commonly used in EL2 (English as a foreign/second language) teaching. Chapter three highlights the differences between Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (or BICS vs. CALP) as well as the various categories of language learning and use strategies. In the fourth chapter, the presentation centers on EL2 testing and assessment. Chapter five is wholly devoted to my personal views, including my philosophy of language education, critiques of some scholarly views, and practical recommendations. Such views have had their inspiration and support from my experiences both as a learner and as a teacher.various facets of daily life (e.g., auto maintenance, computer fix, auction sale, game play ... etc.). ... comprehensible, provides more comprehensible input, and focuses on meaning rather than form, useful in teaching listening and vocabulary.

Title:English as a Foreign or Second Language
Author:Mohammed S. Assiri
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2015-09-01


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