Engineering the Interface Between Lipid Bilayers and Inorganic Materials

Engineering the Interface Between Lipid Bilayers and Inorganic Materials

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process, a unique methodology to compute the energetics of processes involving the interaction of nanostructured materials with soft matter structures was developed. In addition to these simulations, a physical model of cell deformation was developed to understand the mechanics of cell-device interaction. This was built on principles of continuum mechanics under a few simplifying assumptions. In addition to bringing down the parameter space for device design, this model explained a previously observed non-linear to linear transition in thin shell deformation experiments. Nanoscale `stealth' probed based on biomimetic design principles were fabricated using sophisticated microfabrication techniques. The electrical properties of the device were determined by performing cyclic voltammetry in a buffer solution with electrochemically active species. The formation of a well controlled junction between the post electrode and cell membrane was demonstrated by testing the device with red blood cells. A giga-ohm seal was observed to form spontaneously as the cell was brought close to the post, confirming intracellular access. The formation of giga-ohm seal is critical for patchclamping, a technique used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. Together, MD simulations and cell deformation model provide a powerful approach to modify the device design depending upon the specific application. When coupled with the sophisticated yet flexible fabrication scheme developed for the device, the next generation of massively parallel and highly efficient interface between cells and electronics can be developed.The bilayer edge tension line tension, Ir was assumed to be 10aˆ’11 J/m, which has been reported from experiments ... the smoothening action of the spring force and the roughening due to pinning sites is illustrated by the phase diagram in Fig .

Title:Engineering the Interface Between Lipid Bilayers and Inorganic Materials
Author:Piyush Verma
Publisher:Stanford University - 2011


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