Energy Conservation And Alternative Fuel

Energy Conservation And Alternative Fuel

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Environmental Damage It took over 200 million years for the oil beneath the earth's surface to form. In the past 200 years, we have already used half of that reserve. If current rates of consumption continue, the world's remaining oil would be used up in 40 years. Right now, two-thirds of the oil used around the world powers transportation vehicles, and half goes to passenger cars and light trucks. Being conscious of our fuel use will help to conserve resources for future generations. Transportation involves the combustion of fossil fuels to produce energy translated into motion. Pollution is created from incomplete carbon reactions, unburned hydrocarbons or other elements present in the fuel or air during combustion. These processes produce pollutants of various species, including carbon monoxide, soot, various gaseous and liquid vapour hydrocarbons, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, sulphate and nitrate particulates, ash and lead. These primary pollutants can, in turn, react in the atmosphere to form ozone, secondary particulates, and other damaging secondary pollutants. Combustion also produces carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas. There are many good reasons to conserve energy. If we use less gas, oil and electricity we will save money, and the pollution associated with extracting and using fossil fuels will decrease. Reducing greenhouse gas production may help to reverse global warming. In a nutshell - conservation of energy has both personal and societal benefits. Most people are concerned with making their money last longer and energy conservation can help by reducing our energy costs. In this eBook you will find simple tips that help you to reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as, save the environment.Thata#39;s what many people think and say, but the truth is that all they need to do is to learn how to conserve energy instead. With your vehicle, there are a number of small things that can easily add up to saving you gas in the long run. Here are some tips that you can ... Even on the freeway, keeping your windows down and the air conditioning off is much more cost effective. Energy conservation is easy toanbsp;...

Title:Energy Conservation And Alternative Fuel
Author:Wings of Success
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