Empathetic Marketing

Empathetic Marketing

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People's emotions and resulting behaviors are the foundation for satisfying vital psychological needs. Needs are at the root of our triumphs and setbacks in our personal lives and affect many of the decisions that fuel the economy. But most marketers, researchers, product designers, advertisers and executives do not fully consider needs, and end up using emotion in ways that may be misguided and shortsighted. The central premise of this book is that with a revised understanding of the science and philosophy behind human needs, businesses will be better equipped to provide long-term satisfaction for their customers, as well as grow their bottom lines. Mark uncovers a framework that will help businesses both identify human needs and incorporate this perspective into strategy, and then focuses each chapter on a specific vital emotional need: Self-expression, Belonging, Recognition, Control, Care and Growth. In short, understanding how human needs manifest in the marketplace require businesses to learn from the perspectives of sociology, ethnography and psychology - neurological, behavioral, clinical and psychodynamic - blended together with traditional consumer insights make a bold case for a needs-based paradigm shift in the business community.... him or her a hug in the check-out aisle and incanting how much the company loves its customers on its website and ads. ... In the recognition chapter, I detailed my interaction with an Apple Care representative. ... They use the word a€œcarea€ because when onea#39;s beloved MacBook, iPhone, or ipad breaks down, ita#39;s more than a minor technical impedimenta€”ita#39;s a full-blown emotional, lifeinterrupting event.

Title:Empathetic Marketing
Author:Mark Ingwer
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2012-07-16


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