Emotional Equations

Emotional Equations

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With a foreword by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness When Chip Conley, dynamic author of the bestselling Peak, suffered a series of devastating personal and professional setbacks, he began using what he came to call a€œEmotional Equationsa€ (such as Joy = Love - Fear) to help him focus on the variables in life that he could handle, rather than dwelling on the parts he couldna€™t, such as the bad economy, death, and taxes. Using brilliantly simple logic that illuminates the universal truths in common emotional challenges, Emotional Equations offers a way to identify the elements in our lives that we can change, those we cana€™t, and how to better understand our emotions so they can help us . . . rather than hurt us. Equations like a€œDespair = Suffering - Meaninga€ and a€œHappiness = Wanting What You Have Am Having What You Wanta€ have been reviewed for mathematical and psychological accuracy by experts. Now Conley tells his own comeback story and those of other resilient people and inspiring role models who have worked through emotional equations in their own lives. Emotional Equations arms you with practical strategies for turbulent times.Emotional Equations arms you with practical strategies for turbulent times.

Title:Emotional Equations
Author:Chip Conley
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-01-10


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