Emotion and the Psychodynamics of the Cerebellum

Emotion and the Psychodynamics of the Cerebellum

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This is a book about cognition, emotion, memory, and learning. Along the way it examines exactly how implicit memory (qknowing howq) and explicit memory (qknowing thatq) are connected with each other via the cerebellum. Since emotion is also related to memory, and most likely, one of its organising features, many fields of human endeavour have attempted to clarify its fundamental nature, including its relationship to metaphor, problem-solving, learning, and many other variables. This is an attempt to pull together the various strands relating to emotions, so that clinicians and researchers alike can identify precisely, and ultimately agree, upon what emotion is and how it contributes to the other known activities of mind and brain.... 199, spontaneity, xix, 5-6, 27-29, 102-103, 190, 193 Squire, L., 112, 125, 235 Stahl, S. M., 126, 236 Stein, A., 164-166, ... 226 supplementary motor cortex ( SMC), 29 Suzuki, A., 34, 236 Suzuki, H., 140, 228 Swanson, G. T., 125, 219 Swayze, anbsp;...

Title:Emotion and the Psychodynamics of the Cerebellum
Author:Fred M. Levin
Publisher:Karnac Books - 2009-01-28


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