Eminent Corporations

Eminent Corporations

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The great corporations that now so dominate our lives are treated as if they were people in courts of law. They have the same rights that we all do. But in other ways they are very unlike real human beings they have no emotions, often no morals, and worst of all they have no life histories. The only corporate biographies you find are uncritical hagiographies, written by admirers, with the real stories carefully excised. So, we don t know where most great brands came from, what they mean, and where they are going. We fall for their latest makeovers time and time again. This book redresses the balance. Modelled on Lytton Strachey s revolutionary biographical sketches Eminent Victorians, it throws the spotlight on the life histories of some of the biggest corporate names that we live with, and finds their real stories are as dramatic, as desperate and as revealing as any human biography. The eminent corporations include: East India Company , Barclays, Cadbury , MaS, PwC, BA, BBC and Vodafone.18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27. ... Chris Brady and Andrew Lorenz (2002), End of the Road: BMW and Rover a€” a Brand Too Far (second edition), Financial ... a#39; Rover-BMW: from shotgun marriage to quickie divorcea#39;, I nternational journal of Business Performance Management, vol.5, no.4. ... for Urban Environmentsa#39;, www.greenpeace.org.ulalt;/files/ pdfs/migrated/MultimediaFiles/Live/FullReport/ 7504.pdf.

Title:Eminent Corporations
Author:Andrew Simms, David Boyle, Nick Robins
Publisher: - 2010


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