Embedded Security in Cars

Embedded Security in Cars

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Most innovations in the car industry are based on software and electronics, and IT will soon constitute the major production cost factor. It seems almost certain that embedded IT security will be crucial for the next generation of applications. Yet whereas software safety has become a relatively well-established field, the protection of automotive IT systems against manipulation or intrusion has only recently started to emerge. Lemke, Paar, and Wolf collect in this volume a state-of-the-art overview on all aspects relevant for IT security in automotive applications. After an introductory chapter written by the editors themselves, the contributions from experienced experts of different disciplines are structured into three parts. qSecurity in the Automotive Domainq describes applications for which IT security is crucial, like immobilizers, tachographs, and software updates. qEmbedded Security Technologiesq details security technologies relevant for automotive applications, e.g., symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, and wireless security. qBusiness Aspects of IT Systems in Carsq shows the need for embedded security in novel applications like location-based navigation systems and personalization. The first book in this area of fast-growing economic and scientific importance, it is indispensable for both researchers in software or embedded security and professionals in the automotive industry.Because the customer must register to use the C-IQ service and the purchase of each product is also registered, customers ... It is obvious that Siemens VDO has to pay for the integration of certain products like digital maps, because navigation is still the ... like the Michelin and Varta guides (and of course with a growing number of customers) the incentives grow for certain ... See: [26, 35]. allows the exact monitoring of to whom which products are 264 Klaus RA¼diger and Martin Gersch.

Title:Embedded Security in Cars
Author:Kerstin Lemke, Christof Paar, Marko Wolf
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-03-28


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