Elements of Mechanics

Elements of Mechanics

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The first volume in a three-part series, Elements of Mechanics provides a rigorous calculus-based introduction to classical physics. It considers diverse phenomena in a systematic manner and emphasises the development of consistent and coherent models guided by symmetry considerations and the application of general principles. Modern developments colour the presentation and are alluded to when most relevant, but the focus remains firmly on the classical formulations and model descriptions of particular physical systems. The specific topics covered in Elements of Mechanics include: Kinematics in one and more dimensions in Cartesian and polar coordinates Dynamics, Galilean Relativity and Newtona€™s Laws of Motion Energetics, worka€“energy theorems, conservative forces, and potential energy Impulse and momentum, systems of particles and rigid bodies Rigid body rotational kinematics, dynamics, and energetics Statics Newtona€™s Law of Universal Gravitation The book prepares undergraduate students majoring in the natural sciences and engineering for intermediate and advanced classes in their disciplines which rely upon this foundational material. It also supplies a comprehensive review in preparation for graduate or professional exams. Therefore, the series is structured in such manner that the second and third books, Properties of Materials and Electricity and Magnetism, follow upon the first, but may be read independently of each other. Written in a conversational and accessible style, the material is presented in standard, canonical sequence. Worked examples and collections of problems serve to illustrate and illuminate subject material in each volume.Completely Inelastic Collisions In a completely inelastic collision the colliding particles fuse [a.k.a. stick together]. ... See the first panel of Figure 33.1 for a snapshot of the system before the collision. The incident particles have masses M1 and M2 and velocities v1, i and v2, i, with respect to a particular [a€œlaboratorya€] IRF.

Title:Elements of Mechanics
Author:P.F. Kelly
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-05-07


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