Electronics and Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB, Second Edition

Electronics and Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB, Second Edition

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The use of MATLAB is ubiquitous in the scientific and engineering communities today, and justifiably so. Simple programming, rich graphic facilities, built-in functions, and extensive toolboxes offer users the power and flexibility they need to solve the complex analytical problems inherent in modern technologies. The ability to use MATLAB effectively has become practically a prerequisite to success for engineering professionals. Like its best-selling predecessor, Electronics and Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB, Second Edition helps build that proficiency. It provides an easy, practical introduction to MATLAB and clearly demonstrates its use in solving a wide range of electronics and circuit analysis problems. This edition reflects recent MATLAB enhancements, includes new material, and provides even more examples and exercises. New in the Second Edition: Thorough revisions to the first three chapters that incorporate additional MATLAB functions and bring the material up to date with recent changes to MATLAB A new chapter on electronic data analysis Many more exercises and solved examples New sections added to the chapters on two-port networks, Fourier analysis, and semiconductor physics MATLAB m-files available for download Whether you are a student or professional engineer or technician, Electronics and Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB, Second Edition will serve you well. It offers not only an outstanding introduction to MATLAB, but also forms a guide to using MATLAB for your specific purposes: to explore the characteristics of semiconductor devices and to design and analyze electrical and electronic circuits and systems.Belanger, P.R., Adler, E.L., and Rumin, N.C., Introduction to Circuits with Electronics: An Integrated Approach, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, ... Rashid, M.H., Microelectronic Circuits, Analysis and Design, PWS Publishing Company, Boston , 1999. ... Amplifiers a€” Theory and Applications, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, New York, 1992.

Title:Electronics and Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB, Second Edition
Author:John Okyere Attia
Publisher:CRC Press - 2004-06-11


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