Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook, Second Edition

Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook, Second Edition

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The days of troubleshooting a piece of gear armed only with a scope, voltmeter, and a general idea of how the hardware works are gone forever. As technology continues to drive equipment design forward, maintenance difficulties will continue to increase, and those responsible for maintaining this equipment will continue to struggle to keep up. The Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook, Second Edition establishes a foundation for servicing, operating, and optimizing audio, video, computer, and RF systems. Beginning with an overview of reliability principles and properties, a team of top experts describes the steps essential to ensuring high reliability and minimum downtime. They examine heat management issues, grounding systems, and all aspects of system test and measurement. They even explore disaster planning and provide guidelines for keeping a facility running under extreme circumstances. Today more than ever, the reliability of a system can have a direct and immediate impact on the profitability of an operation. Advocating a carefully planned, systematic maintenance program, the richly illustrated Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook helps engineers and technicians meet the challenges inherent in modern electronic equipment and ensure top quality performance from each piece of hardware.A simplified circuit diagram of a delta magnetic inverter is shown in Fig. 14.27. Inverter modules Al, Bl, and Cl produce ... The waveforms are coupled to the primaries of transformer Tl through linear inductors. Tl is a conventional three- phaseanbsp;...

Title:Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook, Second Edition
Author:Jerry C. Whitaker
Publisher:CRC Press - 2001-12-21


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