Electronic Measurement Systems

Electronic Measurement Systems

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Accuracy, Resolution, Precision, Linearity of measuring instruments, Voltage, Current, Resistance, Measurement using DMM and , Autozero, Autoranging, True RMS measurement principle, Method and application, Phase and magnitude measurement at high frequency using instruments such as vector voltmeter and vector impedance meter, LCR-Q meter, Principle of digital LCR-Q meter, Important specification and application.Standards - Primary, secondary, working. Need of calibration, Procedure, Traceability and it s requirements, Statistical analysis - Mean, Mode, Deviation, Variance and Probability for error finding. Regression analysis, Various methods and it s advantages, Time, Frequency, Ratio, Time interval, Period and Multiple Period averaging using digital universal frequency counter, High frequency measurements on frequency counter using various techniques such as pre-scalar, Heterodyne, Time standards - Stability using oscillators like TCXO, OCXO.Overview of analog CRO, Dual/Multi-trace CRO, Block diagram, Functioning, Specifications and applications, Various CRO probes and its applications.Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Block diagram, Functioning, Specifications and applications, Advantages as compared to analog CRO, Sampling speed and memory depth of DSO, Design considerations, Attachments to DSO for enhancing the functionality / Measurements such as FFT, MATHS functions, Automatic measurements.Signal analyzing instrument, Harmonic and wave analyzer, Distortion factor meter spectrum analyzer - FFT analyzer, Logic analyzer, Protocol analyzer, For all above mentioned instruments explanation of block diagram with function of each block, Important specification and applications of each.Communication measurements, Measurements on transmitter and receiver : Sensitivity, Selectivity, Phase jitter, s/n ratio, Co-channel interference, SINAD test etc. Network analyzer - system element, Measurement accuracy, Scalar network analyzer, Vector network analyzer, S-parameter measurement using network analyzer.Computer controlled test measurements, Virtual measurements and its application in TDM, FDM, ASK, PSK, IEEE 488, PCI/PCI express, Buses, Introduction of Lab view.2.50.2 Applications of Digital LCR-Q Meter The various applications of digital LCR-Q meter are, 1. Testing of the ... Explain with the suitable circuit diagram. 7. Draw and ... Explain the working of an electronic analog multimeter. 10. Why there isanbsp;...

Title:Electronic Measurement Systems
Author:K.A.Bakshi A.V.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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